Jiří Zimovčák

Za pár měsíců tomu budou již tři roky, co jsem byl v Thajsku. Nebyla to  zrovna pozitivní a už vůbec ne jednoduchá zkušenost, ale chybami se člověk učí, no ne?...

I got new photos from great slovak photographer Martin Krejcik, you can check them out in my „Photos“ section. Hope you like them.

Prezidentský duel se blíží a i já jsem se rozhodnul , že se s vámi podělím o svoje názory. Můj kamarád hrůzou strnul, odpověděl jsem mu totiž na jednoduchou otázku....

  • Biography

    Jiri Zimovcak was born on February 2, 1990. During his childhood he took part in many creative activities and from the age of nine, attended basic art school. He presented his work at various art exhibitions, much in his local area. His journey led to modelling through a friend, who encouraged him to start at the age of eighteen. Over time, and with much experience gained, he was chosen for projects with well known photographers such as Lukas Kimlicka, Michal Skramusky, Jiri Sujansky and many others.

    Jiri currently spends a lot of time working abroad under the auspices of local agencies. Jiri is the first Czech male model to shoot two editorials in various magazines in the United Arab Emirates. He is intends to continue modelling, but he is also professionally educated, having bachelor’s degree in social services.

  • About Me

    What passport do have:
    Czech republic
    How did you become a model:
    One of my friend, model, told me: „Look at yourself, you have an amazing face. You should try it!“ So I did it!
    Name one positive trait about the modeling industry:
    It can lead you to places that you would never even have dreamt of.
    Most memorable booking:
    Esquire Middle East. I was dressed in Dior at a cool destination. The whole team was so nice and photos were great.
    Best tip to remember when you’re in front of the camera (that might help us mere mortals!):
    To find your better side of face, everybody has it. Then you can be yourself and fully relaxed.
    What foods are you addicted to:
    Fruits and fruit juices.
    What is currently playing on your ipod:
    „Triumphant“ by Mariah Carey
    Are you team Iphone or Blackberry:
    What are you wearing now:
    Just big t-shirt and sweatpants, what a home moment!
    Favourite book:
    The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
    Favourite film:
    What kind of music do you like:
    I love R&B, pop, hip hop, soul, gospel and indie music.
    Favourite holiday destination:
    Dubai, SAE.
    Do you have a party trick:
    Don’t accept too much drinks LOL
    Any bad habits:
    I’m little bit lazy and egocentric.
    How would your friends describe you:
    Friendly, knowing, bubbly, serious, highly positive-thinking, funny, clumsy, domestic, sly, sensible, fun-loving, creative, mischievous, forgetful, generous, forgiving, loyal, realistic, honest.
  • References

    • Cooperating with Jiri was very professional. He had perfect the approach and remained nice and relaxed the entire day. Working with him was pleasant and easy because he is very professional. He worked great, even when we shot the video, in which he played one of the two main roles. The uniqueness of his face is visible in all photos. I very much appreciate his acceptance of not-so-clean spaces and a dirty production hall. Great and professional young man! I recommend him for cooperation with all ten!

      Kateřina Hrabalová, client

    • The fact is, he’s unquestionably gorgeous.  Just look at him!  Despite this, he is kind, congenial and helpful. He certainly has great potential and I wish him much luck and success! I look forward to meeting him again.

      Ivana D’Emilio, photographer

    • I feel honored to work with you Jiri. You’re a huge talent and an accomplished pro. You didn’t need to explain anything to me.  It almost seemed like you were reading my mind.  Simply one of the absolute best!

      Jiří Šujanský, photographer

    • Jiri posseses absolute professionalism in both motion and mimic.This kid is really talented and what’s more, he is a very friendly and communicative person.  He is also punctual and geared up! I really enjoyed working with you and I can’t wait to do it again soon as possible.

      Ywetta Sarah, photographer

    • He’s a top model and I can’t wait to work with again! I don’t want to lend him to anybody else!  He has got crazy talent.

      Václava Luskačová, photographer

    • Jiri is the biggest person I’ve ever met in the modelling world. He has got an amazing face, but he is very nice as well. He can totally change your boring day into a great one. He is a consummate professional, who knows exactly what to do to produce the best result. Jiri is simply unforgettable and he is my number one!

      Soňa Havlenová, make-up artist

    • Jiri is a top professional without a doubt. I’m so impressed with how nice he is and also how fabulously he photographs! His presence moves the photo to another dimension, a different direction, and brightens the entire piece.

      Martina Crlová, photographer

  • Jiří Zimovčák


    190 cm Height
    98 cm Bust
    78 cm Waist
    98 cm Hips
    45 EU Shoes
    brown Hair
    blue Eyes


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